GMJ London CityModel – 40 sq km of Central London

GMJ’s Citymodel 3D digital model of London was created at the greatest level of accuracy available and is a highly valuable resource for strategic planning and urban design.

It was built using photogrammetric software with high resolution aerial photography triangulated to ground control survey points. Being constructed in this way ensures a level of accuracy across the entire model estimated at +/- 300RMSE or 300mm per 100m variance in plan and a tolerance of 100mm variance in elevation.

As it is created using aerial imagery the model includes all visible roof detail, chimney stacks and parapet walls.

GMJ Citymodel’s relevance extends beyond the obvious fields of architecture and planning; other exciting potential applications include security, insurance, environmental assessments and the worlds of film and gaming.

GMJ CityModel licensing

GMJ Citymodel was developed and patented by GMJ, so we can licence areas of Citymodel for use by architects, local authorities or developers who need their own bit of the city. Please contact us for more details.

'CityModel Hurtle'