GMJ Planning Service

GMJ pioneered ‘verified planning imagery’ as a new process in 1994. Combining survey data, photography and the 3D proposal model an accurate and verifiable image of the planned proposal can be generated.  Today, most major Central London planning projects require ‘verified imagery’ or as it is better known today ‘accurate visual representation’ (AVR) views for Townscape Visual Impact Documentation.

GMJ provide services to enable the design and development team to fully understand the impact of townscape issues on any given site.

These include;

Visibility Analysis,

Site specific 3D Build Envelopes,

View Scoping Reports,

Sunlight & Shade studies and others. All of which can be generated in hours, not weeks.

This early knowledge empowers the development team and can save time spent working up proposals that will not meet specific planning guidelines. The value of this input is such that developer clients now use GMJ to assess site development potential before or during the site acquisition process.


Views For Planning

GMJ pioneered ‘verified planning imagery’ as a new process in 1994.

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City Of London – Cluster Modelling Strategy

GMJ are 3D model planning consultants working for the City Of London team led by Gwyn Richards on an internationally ground breaking area wide strategy intended to develop a holistic understanding of the complex views, micro climatic and planning issues involved in developing the City’s Eastern Cluster of tall buildings.

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Build envelopes

3D planning build parameter envelopes based on statutory or local planning views.

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Visibility Analysis

Analysis to show all potential locations from where a proposed new development will be seen.

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GMJ London CityModel

40 sq km fully surveyed 3D model of Central London.

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