Thames River Park Planning Application

GMJ provide planning services and views for the Gensler designed Thames River Park planning application.

The London River Park concept aims to enhance the city’s reputation as a preeminent world capital by opening a new walkable expanse along the Thames. By linking St Paul’s Cathedral to The Tower of London, Millennium Bridge, Tate Modern, and Thames Clipper services, the park offers an exciting addition to the city’s rapidly evolving riverfront.

The floating walkway is proposed to revitalize the civic assets of the Thames’ north bank, just as the South Bank experienced successful regeneration following investment in its riverside walk and adjacent attractions. Already a year in planning, the London River Park enjoys enthusiastic backing from London Mayor Boris Johnson and other key stakeholders.

GMJ provided analysis of the impact of pavilion and walkway designs at low and high tide and studies that assisted the planning team agree townscape view locations. The rendered views demonstrate the proposal at different tides and times of day. As the proposal is around one kilometre long most views produced are three image panoramas.