Grosvenor adopts virtual reality to promote Liverpool One retail units

Commercial agents at Grosvenor’s Liverpool One development are using an animated 3-D model to show potential retail clients around the 42 acre development.

Developed by architectural visualisation specialists GMJ, ‘Liverpool CityModel’ was built with high resolution animation techniques based on actual surveyed measurements to create a fully rendered 3-D model downloadable to agents’ laptops.

Property agents will be able to walk potential retail clients though a highly detailed virtual reality experience around the streets of the development, through light and shade, turning through 360 degrees and even peering into shop windows to see the goods displayed in them.

“Liverpool CityModel’ is undoubtedly the future of commercial leasing, particularly for anything complicated or being built out of the ground” said Neil Barber, Head of Leasing at Grosvenor. “It should give retailers confidence to sign up earlier as they’ll be able to walk around a fully rendered development seeing not just their building but the whole complex including routes from car parks and other important factors.”

“We set out to create the most accurate picture of a City that exists today and that is quite a painstaking process involving surveying every street, tree and chimney pot to within 30 centimetres. But by the end of the process, you get this amazing view which enables us to help plan new developments in sympathy with the existing historic buildings” added Didier Madoc-Jones, Director of GMJ.