GMJ 'Futurescape Views From The Shard'


GMJ 'Futurescape Views From The Shard' project was officially launched on the 10th September with the release of the 'West Futurescape'. The remaining 'Futurescapes' will be launched soon.

The project is to create ‘Futurescape’ images from the top of the Shard, super high resolution panoramic views of the 2030 London Skyline that show the future of London architecture at its best.

The panoramic images are being installed on the unique ‘View From The Shard’ ‘Tell:scope’ systems where visitors can compare the what they see today with the skyline in 2030. Visitors can also access information and images relating to each project by using the interactive Tell:scope touch screen.

Clive Stephens, CEO of The View from The Shard, said:

 “With the highest view over one of the best cities in the world, there is really no better place to think about what the future holds for our society. Our guests visit The View from The Shard to learn more about the capital and with the potential to now see what London might look like in the future, The View really is an ideal first stop for international visitors and a place for Londoners to watch their city change.”

Didier Madoc-Jones, director at GMJ said:

“It’s an incredible time for London with new projects planned and emerging right across the city and there’s no better place to appreciate how the skyline is going to change than from the top of the Shard. This initiative gets the public directly involved in the debate about the kind of city we want and are about to get. It shows people how the skyline will change and tells them about each project in detail.

 For us it’s a huge task. Our aim is to add as many new and significant projects to each view. We want to use this release and launch as a ‘call out’ to developers and architects to provide us with the information we need to add more and more projects to this and the other views.”

For a full screen view of the 'West Futurescape' Panorama please double click on the image below.